Rule 606 Disclosure Information

Wilson-Davis & Co., Inc.
SEC-Required Report on Routing of Customer Orders

Rule 606, states a broker-dealer must disclose any payment to/from another broker-dealer for order flow. Also a quantitative description of order routing must include the percentage of total customer orders for a particular section that were non-directed orders, and the percentages of total non-directed orders for a section that were market orders, limit orders, and other orders.

Wilson-Davis does not have a relationship, arrangement for payment, or profit sharing agreement with any Broker Dealer or Venue where Orders are routed.

In accordance with rule 606, Wilosn-Davis & Co. Inc. is disclosing the following information to the general public via SunGard Trading Systems Best Execution Analysis  and disclosures on Hilltop Securities orders can be obtained via Hilltop Securities Trading Agency or upon request and also will be included with statements once each year. Wilson-Davis will also provide information upon request from individual customers regarding their specific orders. Wilson-Davis further discloses that it stands to share in 100% of whaterver profits it generates by trading as a principal with its customer orders.