Investment Services

Wilson-Davis & Co. gives you choices.   Choices to put your plan for the future into action.  Choices that meet your specific and unique circumstances and lifestyle.  From a vast number of specialized accounts and markets coupled with expertise that comes from years of experience and integrity, find the tools you need all in one place: Wilson-Davis & Co.


Call one of our Account Executives today to start putting your plan into action.  No appointment necessary.

Equity Investing


Certificate Processing

Wilson-Davis is a self-clearing firm, allowing for in-house decision-making and prompt service.

Retirement Accounts

Retire the way you want with a comprehensive selection of account options including Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, 401K, Rollover IRAs, 529 Plans, inherited IRAs, Educational IRAs, SEPs, etc.

Margin & Option Accounts

Processed through Hilltop Securities

Alternative Investments

Non-trading Public REITS, Limited Partnerships, 1031 Exchanges

Mutual Funds

Open end, closed end, and ETFs

Online Account Access

Anytime, anywhere, account viewing